Facts about Monas Jakarta

Monas or National Monument is a icon of Jakarta. Based in the center of Jakarta.
Monas is crowded with tourists to see the beauty of Jakarta from the crest of Monas, adding insight into the history of Indonesia diorama area or enjoy new city forest region of approximately 80 hectares in the middle of Jakarta. Here are a few facts about Monas Jakarta that not many people realize it.

Beautiful view from the courtyard of Monas
The courtyard on top of Monas is 11×11 meters wide which can be climbed by visitors . From the courtroom, visitors may see the skyscrapers within the city of Jakarta. Even when the sky is clear, visitors can see the Mount of Salak from West Java In addition to, you might also see the Java Sea and Kepulauan Seribu. It is very beautiful, isn’t?

Constructed during 14 years
The start of National Monument construction started on the sixteenth independence afternoon of Indonesia, on August 17, 1961. It had been publicly accessible on July 12, 1975. Which means the development of Monas spent considerable time, that was about 14 years. The inauguration was made by the second president, namely President Soeharto.

The Relief
On the exterior the monument there are reliefs showing the history of Indonesia. It exemplifies the attractiveness of the ancient kingdoms in Indonesia up to the revolutionary hero who championed Indonesia. These sculptures and sculptures make you feel the soul of the heroes struggle. You may delight in this relief while entering this construction.

The highest monument in Indonesia
Monas is in the Middle of both Lapangan Medan Merdeka. Monas was constructed right in the middle of Medan Merdeka Square on an 80 hectare park. Monas is the highest monument in Indonesia. Monas elevation is 132 meters (433 feet). Consequently Monas can be seen from a distance. On the other hand from the crest of the monument to the top of the monument, visitors may see the city scene of the city of Jakarta clearly.

Been renamed 5 times
Before Monas Monument is ratified, the area where Monas found has been 5 times changed. The first, this region was named by Gambir Square. Then it was changed by Ikada Square. Not long after that it was named Merdeka Square. Then later it was named by Monas Square, and was famous of Monas Park.

Changes its colour when during the night
In Apr 2018, Monas Monument will change colour to blue during the evening time. Monas Monument’s blue display is in commemoration of Autism World Care Day, which falls on Apr 2nd and 2018’s theme is Light It Up Blue. This is why the monument turns blue every single night and it is going to last 30 days from Apr 1 to Apr 30. This is why, the colour of blue Monas Monument can only be witnessed through the nighttime, because it is a light setting.